These Aussie Bros Figured Out How To Get Free Burgers From McDonald’s Using A Software Glitch


Shutterstock / TonyBaggett

Paul Newman once said that “money won is twice as sweet as money earned” and that holds true for most free things life. Free food is definitely 2x better than food you have to pay for, especially when it’s the same food.

These Aussie bros went viral over the weekend for discovering a software glitch on the electronic menu at McDonald’s. The glitch enabled them to order a shit ton of burgers for free while also ordering a veggie burger (without the meat patty) for their buddy.

This clip was uploaded to YouTube yesterday and it’s already been viewed over 1.15 MILLION times, partially thanks to Reddit, in the past 24 hours. Unfortunately, this means that McDonald’s corporate has probably become wise to this situation and they’re trying to push out a quick fix for this issue so you’ll have to get out there quickly if you want to try and score free MacDeezy today.

Here’s how it works:

The order of operations goes like this:

1) Order 10 patty-less burgers by customizizing the order so they don’t have beef patties, this takes $1.10 off each burger
2) Add a regular burger to your order
3) Place order
4) View my order
5) Choose ‘take away’
6) Free food!

I guess the question is whether or not the managers/employees at McDonald’s will allow you to get away with this once they realize they’ve just made 10 burgers for free, or if they DGAF and will let it slide because someone’s beat the system and that should be recognized.

I’m curious if anyone else out there has discovered this free food exploit at McDonald’s and was smart enough to keep on living their lives and ordering free food at MacDeezy instead of uploading the trick to YouTube where it would be seen by millions and McDonald’s corporate would eventually rush out a fix because that’s 100% coming this week.

(H/T reddit/r/videos)