Five Badass Meals You Can Make With Smoked Brisket That Aren’t Just BBQ

Courtesy Of Schlotzsky's

Editor’s Note: The following comes from Xavier Lazo, brisket culinary expert at Schlotzsky’s…

Gentleman, get your slow cookers ready! Upgrade that basic barbecue menu by adding new recipes to your cookout playbook. Forgo the expensive cuts of meat for a tender, slow-cooked brisket that can add bold flavor to many meals.  Home to the original Schlotzsky’s, brisket is the meat of choice for barbecuing in the great state of Texas. In fact, Smoked Brisket is considered the “National Dish of Texas.”  Combined with simple spices and cooked low and slow, brisket yields a mouthwatering aroma with flavor to match.

There’s more than one way to prepare brisket, so you can cook it depending on what you like or how much time you have.

The meat can be prepared in the oven, slow-cooker, barrel smoker or on the stove.

If you just realized that you’re in charge of cooking for the crew this weekend and you’re short on time, you might consider cooking in the oven or on the stove. Both can be prepared in about four hours depending on how thick the meat is.

If you’re kickin’ it with the boys and watching football, then get that brisket cooking in the slow cooker or smokin’ in the barrel smoker early in the morning! It will need to cook for about 8-10 hours, depending on size and temperature, but it’s definitely worth the wait and the incredible aroma that ensues.

Once the meat is prepared to your liking, brisket can turn these classic favorites into uniquely bold gourmet dishes.

Courtesy of Schlotzsky's

The following tips provide new twists on these classic BBQ dishes:

Simply Sliced Brisket: It’s really as simple as its name. Season the brisket on all sides and place it in a glass baking dish. Sauce is optional depending on your preference. Remove and let brisket cool, then slice and…. BOOM, you’ve got sliced brisket.

Brisket Mac & Cheese: Name a better duo… I’ll wait. Hickory-smoked brisket with cheddar cheese and cilantro atop savory mac & cheese, and voila!  When the brisket is cooked and cooled, shred the meat with two forks. Make your macaroni and cheese according to directions. Add shredded brisket. Top it off with cilantro. Now who’s hungry?

Sliders: So good, you won’t be able to have just one! This brisket will be worth the wait. Once cooked, remove it from the slow cooker and sliced or shred. Pour the remaining sauce on the meat and serve with your choice of roll.

Tacos: Tacos aren’t just for Tuesdays. Whip up everyone’s favorite dish with a brisket taco bar to make both hard-shell or soft-shell fans happy. When the brisket is cooked and cooled, shred the meat with two forks. Top your soft-shell (or hard-shell) tortilla with shredded cheese, avocado and salsa.

Brisket Nachos: Everyone knows that meat is the key to great nachos. Why not beef it up with your mouth-watering brisket? On a baking sheet, spread out tortilla chips and cover it with your favorite cheese and cooked, shredded brisket. Once the chips are crisp and the cheese is melted, pull out the pan and top it off with your favorite nacho toppings – guacamole, salsa, jalapeños, you name it.

Hope these tips helped – The flavors are bold and flavorful, just like the brisket sandwiches we’re offering at Schlotzsky’s right now. Our seriously smokin’ brisket sandwiches include The Classic, The Cuban Brisket and The Rancher Brisket.

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