Miller High Life’s Gingerbread Dive Bar Is The Coolest Holiday Project You’ll Find This Year

Miller High Life gingerbread dive bar

Miller High Life

  • Miller High Life is putting regular gingerbread houses to shame with hits newest product
  • You can now purchase a kit to assemble a gingerbread dive bar courtesy of the Champagne of Beers
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I may be a Certified Craft Beer Nerd, but my love of overhopped and uberhyped hazy IPAs boasting a double-digit ABV is still rivaled by what might be my favorite guilty pleasure on the planet: a night filled with a steady diet of Miller High Life and shots of well whiskey at a dive bar.

Around the same time the word “hipster” lost virtually all meaning last decade, the Champagne of Beers managed to dethrone PBR as the cheap libation favored by the beard-sporting, flannel-rocking crowd. Since then, it’s cemented itself as the one bottle no self-respecting watering hole home to a jukebox that hasn’t been updated since 1997 and a bartender who will ask you to leave if you order an espresso martini won’t stock.

As a result, it’s only natural that Miller High Life would introduce a twist on a beloved holiday tradition by introducing an amazing upgrade to your run-of-the-mill gingerbread house with…a gingerbread dive bar.

Miller High Life gingerbread dive bar kit box

Miller High Life

Beginning on December 6th, High Life fans will have a chance to snag one of the limited-edition kits from the beer’s online merch shop. If you’re willing to drop $50 on the holiday project for the right to construct your own gingerbread dive bar at home, you’ll get a package containing:

  • The requisite gingerbread pieces (which are infused with actual High Life)
  • A variety of High Life wall decorations as well as a customizable sign to name your bar
  • A mini jukebox and pool table
  • A string of appropriately dim lights
  • A custom floor that you can drizzle some maple syrup on for that signature dive bar stickiness
High Life gingerbread dive bar pool table

Miller High Life

High Life gingerbread dive bar interior

Miller High Life

High Life gingerbread dive bar syrup

Miller High Life

We live in truly marvelous times.

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