This Is The Most Popular Feature People Demand When Buying A Million Dollar Home – Besides A Pool And Bar

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Location. Location. Location. This is vital for million dollar homes. Sure, the hood has to be nice, but whoever heard of building a million dollar house in the poorest part of town?

The location of a house is the most important feature and this new study from hammers that point home. They utilized internal sales data and analyzed how houses vary regionally in terms of features, size, price, and more.

It should come as no shock that being near water is the most sought-after feature in million dollar properties. This is only after pools and a nice bar, which basically come standard in most posh places. If you’ve got a massive house, you’ve probably got a boat almost as big. And boats are no fun on blacktop. Believe me, I’ve tried.

Here’s a breakdown by state of the most popular features in million dollar homes.

Here are a few of the key insights from the entire analysis:

    • Besides pools and bars, waterfront access was the most popular luxury home feature in 18 states, the most of any feature included in the data.
    • Out of all luxury homes in the entire country, the top three features are a pool (36.5%), a bar (22.7%), and a gourmet kitchen (12.6%).
    • As for unique home features, Utah is #1 for basketball courts, Indiana is #1 for movie theaters, and Arizona is #1 for saunas. also broke down the states with the most million dollar homes.

It only makes sense the places with the most land would have the biggest houses. It makes up for the fact you’re living in Indiana.

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