Hundreds If Not Thousands Of People Are Showing Up To ‘Minions: Rise of Gru’ Dressed In Suits In What May Be The Greatest TikTok Trend Of All Time

People Are Showing Up To 'Minions: Rise of Gru' Dressed In Suits (Videos)


  • Minions: The Rise of Gru recently hit theaters.
  • The movie has become an instant meme.
  • People have been showing up to theaters in full suits to watch the film.

It is Sunday, July 3. It’s a holiday weekend and I’m hungover. Nevertheless, I’m about to bet on the Mets, crush glizzys and pound a few brews like it’s nobody’s business because that is simply what separates the men from the boys.

Still, despite all this, I’ve hopped on my laptop to write an article about TikTok teens showing up to see Minions: The Rise of Gru dressed up in full suits because it’s perhaps the greatest trend that the app has ever produced.

It’s like the Morbius meme has been taken to an entirely new level where it’s actually bleeding into reality. Perhaps more aptly, it reminds me of that viral Washington Post article from 2017 that tried to figure out why millennials’ humor, particularly when it comes to memes, is so often “weird, dark, surreal, and often completely meaningless.”

And this Minions trend is sort of the Gen Z evolution of that: the idea of showing up to a children’s movie in a suit is so wrapped in meme culture that it’s almost impossible to get to its core. Almost like a cousin of the “Lord Forgive Me” meme — taking something that’s clearly meant to *not* be taken seriously, such as Minions, and taking it so feverishly seriously that you wind up buying a $500 suit for a $15 movie ticket.

People are showing up to movie theaters in full suits to watch Minions: The Rise of Gru

The popularity of the Minions movie isn’t just an internet meme, either, as the film has earned $128 million since it premiered, which is a record for July 4 weekend.

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