Mother Of The Year Pulls A Snake Out Of Her Kid’s Car Engine

rat snake

iStockphoto / Banu R

Many online are calling Nicole Graham, a mother of 3 in Texas, a hero after what she did for her daughter.

The footage of Graham pulling a big ol’ rat snake out of her daughter’s car engine has gone viral on social media with many people alarmed by how calmly she is able to handle snakes.

Recently featured on, Nicole Graham says she is ‘not scared of snakes,’ adding “spiders, reptiles, snakes, it doesn’t matter. I view all animals with respect and compassion.”

Here she is removing the large rat snake, a non-venomous snake that feeds on rodents, birds, lizards, and frogs, from her daughter’s car.

The comments on Instagram are mostly from fellow parents impressed that she was able to proverbially roll up her sleeves and get that snake out of there for her daughter.

They wrote:

“This lady is beyond cool!!!”

Did you see this one?

“There’s another one the left hand side under the hood. My goodness.”

“Oh no Time to move .. I could never.”

“Good for her!👏 it is not a poisonous snake, but a good snake. I don’t like snakes, but I admire her.”

It is not a poisonous snake, to be sure, but Nicole Graham and her family live on a farm.

According to TODAY, they run a business teaching people about urban chicken farming. Having a car full of snakes (there were 2) that are known to eat chickens and eggs might not be ideal.

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