New Balance Just Made Exercise Great Again By Opening A Pub That Gives Out Free Beer For Running

New Balance is opening a new pub in London where the only currency that’s accepted is running miles. That’s right, exchanging the miles you run each day for free beer is now a thing. Let’s hope this catches on with every shoe company.

“We’re excited to open our very first New Balance pub and look forward to welcoming runners to the bar to exchange their miles for pints,” said Samantha Matthews, Senior Marketing Manager at New Balance UK & Ireland. “The Runaway pub brings our Everybody’s Race campaign to life and aims to empower runners throughout their weeks of training, offering an escape and reward when needed and a hub for the running community to come together and support each other.”

She’s excited?

Me, if I lived in London…

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According to Runner’s World

New Balance and Strava have teamed up to launch four challenges, focused around marathon training milestones for runners taking on a Spring marathon. When runners join the Strava challenge, they’ll receive a Runaway Card, which they can add to the wallet on their phone. The card will automatically fill up with the miles they’ve run, and can be used to exchange miles for pints in the pub. Amazing.

Amazing, indeed.

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