Nickelback Reveals Genius Way They Tricked Radio Stations To Secure Ad Deals

Nickelback singer Chad Kroeger

Getty Image / Jeremy Chan

Remember in the 90s and early 2000s when Nickelback was actually awesome? Then somehow they turned into a meme and it was hilariously awesome.

Well, it turns out Chad Kroeger and his bandmates are some of the coolest people on the planet and they proved that during an interview on Bussin’ With The Boys.

In fact, it sounds like Kroeger was a genius in helping Nickelback rise to fame and earn money during the early portion of their career.

While discussing the hustle with Taylor Lewan and Will Compton, Chad Kroeger reveals how he would trick radio stations into securing ad deals for Nickelback.

Say what you want about Nickelback but that might be one of the smartest things I’ve ever heard. Chad Kroeger faked the popularity of the band to earn ad deals which led to the band becoming wildly popular.

I have a whole new respect for Nickelback now. You can’t teach that kind of hustle. Kroeger put the team on his back and carried his squad to the promised land.

The entire interview is a delight, as they discuss what it was like getting started to become a meme. You can listen to the full episode right here.

With that said, shoutout to Nickelback for putting in the hard work and being dedicated to achieving their goals and dreams. Going through the grind is necessary to find success and this band did just that.