See Nicolas Cage As You’ve Never Seen Him Before – As James Bond And Indiana Jones

by 12 months ago
Nicolas Cage


Nicolas Cage has starred in some classic movies including Con Air, National Treasure, Raising Arizona, The Rock, and Leaving Las Vegas. However, Nick Cage has never been in an all-time great movie, but that is about to change. Sorta. Some talented amateur video editors have added Nick’s head onto the bodies of iconic cinematic characters such as James Bond and Indiana Jones. I guess you could say that they take Cage’s face off and stick in on another head.

Cage has been an internet meme for many years and in several different ways, but now he is becoming an even bigger movie star. There’s a GIF of Cage as Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Which looks like a National Treasure 3 of sorts.

Here’s Nicolas Cage as James Bond. Cage’s face is plastered over Sean Connery’s head in the 1962 James Bond movie Dr. No. “My name’s Cage, Nick Cage.”

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