NJ Cops Spent The Morning Talking A Climber Down From A 170-foot Roller Coaster – For The Second Time

Seaside Heights Roller Coaster Climber

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It was a busy morning in Seaside Heights, NJ, and the beach town commotion has nothing to do with New Jersey fully opening after coronavirus.

Seaside Heights were out at 6:30 am talking a man down from a 170-foot boardwalk amusement ride.

NJ.com reports:

Chris Angulo, 45, of Lavallette, scaled the tall ride overlooking the ocean Monday morning, said Detective Steve Korman. The ride appears to be the 170-foot Skyscraper.

“We’re trying to talk to him. We’re trying to get a hold of him now and trying to get a little more information,” Korman said on the scene.

News 12 New Jersey is reporting that Angulo harnessed himself to the ride to protest recent charges filed against him.

Here’s an image of Angulo just hanging out high above the NJ beach.

Apparently, Angulo came down after a few hours and was escorted away.

This isn’t the first time cops have had to talk Angulo down from insane heights or an amusement ride.

After Hurricane Sandy back in 2012, Angulo climbed the sunken Star Jet rollercoaster to place an American flag on top.

He was arrested and committed to a psychiatric ward after the incident.

Last year, Angulo tried to carve a massive peace sign into a giant ice disk on a Maine River.

[via NJ.com]


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