North Carolina Woman Valiantly Fights To Keep ‘FART’ License Plate That Was Flagged By The DMV

North Carolina Woman Fights After 'FART' License Plate Flagged By DMV

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  • A woman in North Carolina is fighting the good fight after her “FART” license plate was flagged by the state’s DMV
  • Karly Sindy says the vanity plate was targeted to be recalled just a few months after she received it
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Some of the greatest minds in human history have spent millennia attempting to definitively define the idea of “comedy,” which is a fairly difficult task due to the nature of a concept that many people would argue is subjective.

I, however, have always taken issue with that assertion thanks to the objectively hilarious nature of society’s great equalizer: farts.

Last year, a woman in North Carolina who appreciates that universal truth decided to immortalize it on a vanity license plate, as WWAY reports Asheville resident Karly Sindy opted to shell out $60 for the sake of the perfect joke by opting to go with “FART” for the four-character personalized message drivers in the state are permitted to apply for.

While she admitted she wasn’t expecting the DMV to approve the request, she received the “FART” plate in the mail in October and spent a few months proudly riding around with it affixed to her car. However, in February, the agency sent her a letter informing her it was subjected to being recalled due to multiple complaints they received from people with a nonexistent sense of humor (the DMV claimed it was “mistakenly approved”).

Sindy was given the option to write a letter explaining why she should be permitted to keep “FART,” and after turning to the internet for help, she decided to established a group called “Friends of Asheville Recreational Trail,” which now boasts a functioning website and had 15 people show up to its inaugural meeting.

Last week, Jimmy Kimmel gave Sindy a chance to share her plight with a national audience, and while she may have ultimately shot herself in the foot by detailing her ruse on late-night television, you have to assume she felt the trade-off was worth it.

Do the right thing, North Carolina. It’s not too late.

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