O.J. Simpson Calls B.S. On Antonio Brown Threatening To No Longer Play Football Because Of Helmet

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It seems like everyone has thoughts on the Antonio Brown-Oakland Raiders situation, including O.J. Simpson of all people.

Earlier today, Brown filed a grievance with the NFL because they weren’t allowing him to wear his old outdated helmet that does not comply with the league’s new helmet policy.


Oakland Raiders wide receiver Antonio Brown has filed a grievance against the NFL to be allowed to wear the helmet he prefers, not one of the helmets that league rules mandate, league sources told ESPN on Friday.

Brown is expected to have a hearing about the helmet as early as next week, and an arbitrator will decide whether he gets to wear the one he wants.

Long-standing NFL rules requiring players to wear certified helmets say he can’t. The helmet that Brown is comfortable in and has worn throughout his career with the Pittsburgh Steelers — believed to be the Schutt Air Advantage helmet, which the company has discontinued making — is no longer certified by the National Operating Committee for Standards and Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE).

Apparently Brown is so upset with the league that he told the Raiders that he would “no longer play football” if the NFL wouldn’t play with his preferred helmet.

O.J. Simpson, who has been active on Twitter for the past month or so, decided to make a video where he calls b.s. on Brown.

The man is making $50 million in the next three years, iF you’re telling me that he’s going to give up that type of money because the style of the helmet, look you don’t want to go to training camp, don’t go. but giving up that money because of the helmet. I call b.s.

Of course the Internet immediately had jokes about O.J.’s video about AB.