Oklahoma Wildlife Dept. Gets Trolled Over Their Logo’s Optical Illusion

Welcome to Oklahoma sign

iStockphoto / pabradyphoto

The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation unexpectedly became the ‘main character on Twitter’ for the day and afterward, they got trolled by man.

Their unexpected fame came after they highlighted an optical illusion found in the official logo of the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation.

If you relax your eyes, you will see a hipster dude with a beard wearing an orange hat. I didn’t see it myself at first because I was looking at a blown-up version of the Oklahoma Wildlife logo. But when I saw it in a thumbnail it was clear as day.

Their logo shows a deer (buck), a fish, and a bird with the department’s name above. Furthermore, it’s not that hard at all to discern what is going on. Alas, people see something else.

The Oklahoma Wildlife Department fired off this tweet:

For the uninitiated, the Oklahoma Wildlife Department has one of the best social media teams in the game. Their tweets regularly go viral. Tweets like these:

They’ve amassed 180.3K followers on Twitter and many of their followers are outside of Oklahoma. Their latest tweet about the hipster bearded man with an orange hat brought in some big accounts to the replies.

It cannot be unseen:

Spot on:

Now I’ll see the ‘sneezing bald dude’ forever:

Pay this man his money:

I’ve never looked closely at the FDA logo until now:

Boom, roasted.

We undeniable have a winner here:

I asked AI to ‘describe the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation logo for me’ and it was actually quite boring. Here is what it had to say:

describing Oklahoma Wildlife Department Logo

I then asked it to re-describe it a few times. At NO POINT was it able to discern that the Oklahoma Wildlife logo looks like a bearded man wearing an orange hat.

Chalk this ‘W’ up to humans for seeing it like it is.