A Limited-Edition Old Bay Hot Sauce Is Dropping This Week And I’ve Never Needed A Hot Sauce More In My Entire Life

Old Bay Hot Sauce

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Putting McCormick’s Old Bay seasoning is a way of life for people in the mid-Atlantic but the impact of the intoxicating flavor reaches so much further than Maryland. I was born and raised in Florida and I still sprinkle Old Bay on everything from popcorn to grilled corn to seafood anytime I have the chance.

It’s deliciously addictive and a flavor that somehow pairs well with just about everything on the planet.

McCormick knows this. They’re aware that they’ve captured lightning in a bottle with Old Bay seasoning and they’ve just taken that to the next level by announcing a limited-edition Old Bay Hot Sauce which will be released TODAY.

More often than not, when food brands release products like I’ll receive an email under embargo weeks in advance and sometimes I’m even lucky enough to receive a sample for testing ahead of time but I had to find out about the Old Bay Hot Sauce the old fashioned way: on Twitter. They teased the release with a few tweets and people are already losing their damn minds over the possibilities here.

Check out the hype right here:

If you go to Old Bay’s landing page it just says ‘coming soon’. Their Instagram and Twitter pages said the product would be released today (Wednesday). I plugged ‘hot-sauce’ into a URL to find the landing page and sure enough that already exists. You can find the landing page here with a locator on where to purchase this product along with a flavor profile and list of the ingredients:

The iconic flavor of Old Bay, now in a hot sauce! Tangy with a kick of heat and Old Bay’s unique blend of herbs and spices, it makes all kinds of food all kinds of awesome.


Based on these reports from Old Bay insiders, this hot sauce is destined to be an instant hit with their diehard seasoning fans:

“Old Bay Seasoning and hot sauce go together like… Well, Old Bay and everything” Jill Pratt with Old Bay said. “Our fans are always super excited to share with us all the ways they’re using the seasoning and celebrating their love of Old Bay – from costumes and themed weddings to home décor and even tattoos. We can’t wait to hear what they think of our new hot sauce.” (via)

This limited-edition Old Bay Hot Sauce will be available for purchase today, assuming everything goes smoothly with the launch.

You can click here to check the product locator on their website and if you’re like me you can refresh the page all day until it’s up and running.

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