OnlyFans Model And Neuroscience Student Is Giving Back To The Troops

Cami Strella gives back to the troops in her own incredible way. The Instagram model utilizes her OnlyFans account to provide much-needed support to military members who are struggling.

The 27-year-old OnlyFans star is the daughter of immigrant parents, including one who is a veteran. That’s part of the reason that Cami has a special appreciation of the military. Her first viral post was a somber TikTok video posted on Veterans Day where she explains the tragic story of her Army officer friend who committed suicide after surviving a traumatic brain injury following three military deployments.

The suicide was what compelled Strella to go to school for neurological rehabilitation, so she could help other troops who were suicidal. She is attending graduate school where she is studying traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and spinal cord injuries (SCI) to hopefully save more lives.

To pay for her graduate school, Cami worked at strip clubs and in the adult industry. But following the COVID-19 lockdowns, she’s now working for herself on OnlyFans. And she is succeeding, where she is in the top .3% of entertainers.

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“I worked in a gentlemen’s club previously, and I became increasingly worried about paying for my graduate school tuition as my program started in May 2020, so I joined the site as a creator,” Cami told Military Times.

Cami is also giving back to the troops on her OnlyFans.

“If anything, I just want service members to know that I care, and that although it may be in an unusual way, I’m fighting to help them,” Strella said. “I also donate 10 percent of my monthly earnings to a military charity and I typically have subscribers vote for which one they want me to donate to.”

Cami said a “lot of my more public content is geared towards” the military community. “I was raised in an area with a large concentration of service members of all branches, as well as federal government and contract workers, so I always felt embedded with the culture from a young age,” Cami explained.

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When asked about how much she makes from OnlyFans, Cami reveals that it wasn’t always easy.

“I started in February 2020 and made $11.18,” she said. “Now, I rank in the top 0.88 percent of all creators worldwide.”

She dispels the myth that everyone makes money on OnlyFans.

“People seem to think that you just create an account and you instantly make money, and that’s not how it works at all,” she said. “If you truly want to be successful with OnlyFans, you need to be ready to invest a significant amount of time, money, and energy, just like any business.”

Cami points out, “OnlyFans, unlike other social media platforms, does not have a built-in algorithm where others who don’t know about you can find you. It’s a direct-to-consumer type of model in which a creator has to do all of their own marketing outside of the platform.”

Strella says she tries to make a name for herself by giving her fans a “personal and intimate experience.”

“I truly love talking to my subscribers,” she said. “I have a few that I exchange letters with and it brings such a human touch in the digital age. It’s helped me, too, to stay and feel connected during the pandemic.”

You can read the entire interview with Cami over at Military Times.

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