This Optical Illusion Completely Torched My Brain…Can You Find The 16 Circles?

I’m rarely as mind fucked by an optical illusion as I was by this one. I actually went and read the comment on Imgur before looking at the illusion, and that messed me up in the head even more. One commenter said something to the effect of ‘those were squares, now they’re circles’. Then, I looked at the grid and all I saw was squares. I kept looking and only saw squares. Squares. Squares…Then, after a few moments, holy shit, I see the circles. What is happening to my mind right now?!?!?!???

Earlier in the week, we took at this crazy optical illusion that supposedly showed straight lines, and while that one is impressive, it’s got nothing on this…It might take a moment before your brain allows you to see it, but…Can you see the 16 circles?

Magic. That has to be straight up magic, right? The circles materialized out of nothing after staring at this for several moments and I’m still totally messed up.

You can access the image directly on Imgur HERE. (h/t Mashable)

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