This Parallel Parking TikTok Will Give You So Much Anxiety – Watch The Whole Thing

Martin Scorsese couldn’t script a better saga than this parallel parking TikTok that’s going viral. I’m mesmerized by the story structure. It follows Freytag’s classic elements of plot to a tee: rising action, falling action, exposition, climax, denoument, and one heck of a complication at the very end.

Seriously. Watch until the end.

I know parallel parking isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s a pretty important if you live or drive ~literally anywhere~ with street parking. I’m appalled the DMV let this person have a license, but I also willing to point blame at the education system for eliminating Driver’s Ed from the curriculum.

Pretty hard to slack off in a class that requires you to get behind the wheel for your final test. You can’t just watch a YouTube video and be expected to ace parallel parking!

Like skiing, it’s 20% geometry, 80% instinct.


what would you do if that was you?

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I’m glad no one hit anything. But still, that ending. Wow.

I can’t believe that the scenario we all just witnessed was actually the best possible scenario for the situation.

We really have to bring mandatory Driver’s Ed back.