This Is The Only Person Beside Harrison Ford To Appear In All Of The Original ‘Indiana Jones’ Films

Harrison Ford Indiana Jones

DenofGeek / Indiana Jones

The original Indiana Jones trilogy is one of the best film franchises in history and it’s not even up for debate. We don’t need to talk about that 4th film with Shia LaBeouf and some Crystal Skull. We’ll just proceed through this article acting like that shit stain of a film never happened. Moving on…

In the original Indiana Jones trilogy there were only two actors to appear in all three films. One of those actors, obviously, was Harrison Ford who played the eponymous title character. The other was a British wrestler named Pat Roach. Pat isn’t just the only actor besides Harrison Ford to appear in all three films, he also appeared TWICE in Raiders of the Lost Ark (two different characters).

How do I know this? It’s not because I’m some film fanatic with an incredibly discerning eye. Some dude on Imgur/Reddit shared pics yesterday showing Pat Roach appearing in each of the films and sharing how Pat died twice in Raiders.

Pat Roach as the Nepalese thug in Raiders of the Lost Ark:

Pat also appeared as a German mechanic in Raiders:

Pat Roach then showed up on camera as the warden’s children in Temple of Doom:

In The Last Crusade, Pat Roach played a Gestapo officer:

Unrelated to Indiana Jones, but Pat Roach also appeared in my favorite Sean Connery James Bond film, 1983’s Never Say Never Again.

Big shout out to the Redditor/Imgur user that tracked down this Pat Roach-Indiana Jones trivia and shared it with the world!