People Are Somehow Upset At Mr Beast After He Paid For Surgeries To Cure 1000 People Of Blindness

Mr Beast at a restaurant opening

Getty Image / Dave Kotinsky

Mr Beast has built one of the world’s largest following on the internet by sharing videos of numerous acts of kindness.

He regularly shares videos where he gives things away to random people.

The giveaways have ranged from cash to a house or even an entire parking lot for of items for charity.

Recently, he decided to try giving something new to people who needed it.

Earlier this week, news broke that Mr Beast had done something that most would consider to be absolutely incredible.

He funded procedures for 1000 people to be cured of their blindness.

On top of that he gave some of the recipients of these procedure $10,000 or more and even donated $100,000 to the surgeon who performed the surgeries so they can continue to perform the surgeries to help other people.

Somehow, there are people out there that haven taken issue with this great deed by Mr Beast.

Some of these people are upset about Mr Beast putting it on Youtube and monetizing it. It’s understandable to be uncomfortable with that aspect of it, but it’s videos like this that have allowed him to be able to perform these acts of kindness for others and if the people receiving the surgeries were cool with it, then there’s no issue here.

On the other hand, there are some that are complaining about his acceptance of capitalism and him using his success in a capitalistic society to perform these acts rather than somehow being able to provide people with socialized medicine.

Those people are just being ridiculous. Beast could use his money however he wants and instead of blowing it on cars and mansions he has chosen to share it with people and help people to be able to see again. He should be applauded for it.

The most interesting subset of those upset with Mr Beast are the one that apparently believe he is the Anti-Christ.

I don’t really know what to say to those people other than if we were forced to pick an Anti-Christ, we could do a whole lot worse than Mr Beast.