Woman Completes 10K Race Except Walks Entire Time And Stops At Every Taco Place Along Route

I didn’t believe in soulmates until this piece of award-winning journalism crossed my desk. Anna Orso did a 10K. That’s over 6 miles. Except she walked. Walked and ate.

Here’s why…

“I thought I was going to be slick this year in my effort to sign up for the Philly 10K. I’ve done it twice before (please clap — no seriously, please, it’s the future of my profession), and I’m over paying an arm and a leg to exercise for one hour. So I figured this year, I would wait until just a few days before the fourth annual run through South Philly and Center City to snag a bib from someone who’s bailing just before the race.

Except the other day I was informed that the ‘transfer period’ to get a bib from someone else ended a couple weeks ago. So I decided, screw that, I’ll complete my own Philly 10K and spend my time doing something far better than the perpetually-overrated activity that is running: Eating tacos.

What followed was a five-hour epic trek through South Philadelphia and Center City that included 14 tacos, a few stops for water and one obligatory margarita.”

Soulmates isn’t a strong enough term. I love her. I platonically love her. I mean to dedicate 5 hours to not only eating tacos but WALKING is an amazing accomplishment. Walking is fucking BORING. Eating tacos probably helped pass the time, but seriously, walking is damn torture.

Anna chronicled the good, bad and horrific tacos and does a pretty solid job of giving her honest opinion on each joint. By the fourth taco place and second mile I’d be so angry, I’d call everything straight up garbage. Do you see why this piece deserves an award?

Check out her entire journey over on Billy Penn.

[via Billy Penn]

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