Pizza Hut Responds To Customer Outraged Over Ketchup Bottle Featuring The Words ‘Squeeze’ And ‘Squirt’

pizza hut suggestive ketchup bottle response

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  • Pizza Hut has responded to a customer who was not thrilled with a supposedly suggestive label on a ketchup bottle in one of its restaurants
  • The Englishman made a fuss over instructions that read “Shake, Squeeze, and Squirt”
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There is nothing—and I mean nothing—on this planet I enjoy more than making my significant other audibly sigh by eagerly calling attention to innocuous words and terms that have come to be associated with various bedroom activities after encountering them in a public setting. If we’re eating at a restaurant with “tossed salad” on the menu or walk by basically any day spa, it’s only a matter of time until I earn an emphatic eye roll.

As someone who prides themself on noticing the innuendos and double entendres I’m constantly hunting for in the wild, I couldn’t help but be impressed by a Pizza Hut customer in the United Kingdom who recently made a stink over a ketchup bottle I probably wouldn’t have even looked twice at.

Last month, Adrian Shann somehow managed to make headlines after going to the press with a complaint concerning a condiment label he encountered in a Pizza Hut restaurant in Hull, which encourages patrons to “Shake, Squeeze, and Squirt.”

As you can see from the date of that tweet, he wasn’t the first customer to point out the potentially suggestive nature of some pretty standard instructions concerning the traditional way to dispense ketchup out of a bottle. However, he wasn’t satisfied with simply voicing his displeasure on social media and somehow managed to convince a member of the actual media to cover his outrage, saying, “It literally sounds like an app for swingers. I do not understand how someone could put that sentence together. it’s awful.”

While there’s a very good chance this is simply an elaborate bit that Shann is impressively committed to, Pizza Hut apparently felt the need to issue a response. According to The Sun, a PR rep who probably had a brief “What Am I Doing With My Life?” moment while responding to the complaint issued a response that reads:

“I can only apologize if you were caused any offense or upset on your recent visit to our Hut, please know it is not our intention to make any of our guests feel uncomfortable.

“The wording on our ketchup is not meant to cause offense and sorry if this was interpreted this way.

“This has been the labeling of all ketchup bottles in our restaurants for some time now, and I can only apologize if this impacted the enjoyment of your meal.”

I guess that settles that.

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