This Math About Pizza Size Is Blowing People’s Minds And It’s Useful Info If You’re Counting Calories


Fancycrave / Unsplash

I’ve been neglecting my body lately when it comes to proper pizza intake. I think I’ve only eaten pizza twice in the past month and that’s not nearly enough. Once a week is the proper amount of pizza, if not more frequently.

As for the proper pizza portion, that’s debatable. A slice is never enough unless you’re looking for a snack. An 18-inch pizza might be enough for three people while a 10-inch pizza might not even be enough for one. To be clear, the proper amount of pizza to eat is whatever’s going to fill you up.

I’ve been on vacation for a few weeks and I was catching up on Twitter earlier when I came across this tweet about pizza size that’s been blowing everyone’s damn minds. It shows how one large pizza is actually more pizza than two small pizzas which is apparently confusing as shit to all the people who often order two small or medium pizzas believing they’re getting the most bang for their buck.

Here’s the tweet that everyone seems to be mind f*cked over (reactions below):

Have you let that sink in? One 18-inch pizza has 28 more square inches of pizza than two 12-inch pizzas combined. Your average Twitter user cannot handle this information:

This person points out that this is actually the first-ever great explanation for kids on why math is important.

Have the Big Pizza lobbyists been keeping this information a secret for all these years? Is this something they’ve sought to keep hidden?

Playing devil’s advocate, this person points out that it’s not actually about the total amount of pizza but more so about how the slices are divided.

Someone was quick to point out their unit of measurement is shit.

Who the hell orders pizza like this, honestly? Have you ever met anyone like this on the planet?

All this talk about pizza and I’m finding myself dreaming about this pie I had a few days ago in Barcelona. It was topped with Iberico Ham and fresh Burrata. Pure bliss. Now I think I have to get pizza for dinner because I won’t be able to stop thinking about it.

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