Viral ‘Not Real Plane Lady’ Makes Things Weirder, Refuses To Say What She Saw In Bizarre Interview

viral not real plane lady


Tiffany Gomas, the woman who went massively viral after she had a meltdown on a plane after seeing a motherf—– that’s “not real”, is now refusing to say what exactly she saw on that flight.

In a recent interview with TMZ, Gomas — wearing what looked like the same black tanktop that she had on in the original viral video — refused to answer when asked by the cameraman what she saw on the flight that made her so distressed.

Not only was Gomas wearing an identical tank top and hairstyle to what she wore in the viral video, but the interview with TMZ was also conducted at an airport.

“Great. A little bit of anxiety,” Gomas said about flying again. “But it’s been good.”

Then, when asked about what it was that she thought she saw, Gomas refused to answer.

“Thanks for asking that, but I have been told that I cannot comment on it right now. I’m sorry.”

“At the rate it’s going, I feel like it’s [a public interview] gonna have to happen. So, yes… there are some things in the works. Mostly nonprofit charity stuff. I’ve been trying to lay low for the most part, but, reporters wouldn’t let that happen.”

To conclude the interview, the TMZ cameraman asked why she wanted to get off the plane so badly, and Gomas stood by her decision. Still, though. she wouldn’t specify exactly why.

“I was distressed. But I was getting off the plane no matter what. I just probably didn’t need to make the scene that I made. But I was getting off that plane, for sure.”

Despite her claims that she’s working on “nonprofit charity stuff”, the only reason Gomas possibly wouldn’t publicly comment on what she saw is that she’s waiting to get paid to do so.

Either that, or a government shadow agency stepped in and put the fear of God into her.

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