Prison Guard Vicky White Dead After Shooting Herself While Being Captured By Police With Escaped Inmate

Vicky White

Lauderdale County Sheriff's Office and U.S. Marshals Service

  • Alabama corrections officer Vicky White and escaped convict Casey White were caught in Indiana after a 10 day manhunt.
  • Vicky White shot herself before getting captured and has died after being taken to the hospital.
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The saga of Vicky and Casey White has come to a violent end.

On Monday, Alabama corrections officer Vicky White and escaped murder suspect Casey White have been captured after a tense 10-day manhunt.

Via NBC News

A capital murder suspect and a corrections officer who is alleged to have helped him escape from an Alabama jail last month are in custody after more than a week on the run, authorities said Monday.

Casey White, 38, and Vicky White, 56, were captured after a pursuit by authorities in Indiana ended in a wreck, Rick Singleton, the sheriff of Lauderdale County in Alabama, told reporters.

“This has ended a very long, stressful, challenging week and a half,” Singleton said.

Apparently, a man spotted Vicky and Casey White near a carwash in Indiana, and US Marshals were able to track them down at a hotel nearby.

Via NewsNationNow

U.S. Marshals tracked the pair to a hotel Monday, and they fled, leading Marshals and Vanderburgh County sheriff’s deputies on a chase that ended in a rollover crash near the Evansville airport.

“This has ended a very long and stressful and challenging week and a half. It ended the way that we knew it would. They are in custody,” Singleton said.

According to police, Vicky White shot herself before being captured and was in “grave condition” when taken to the hospital..

Update: Vicky White has died