Texas Rednecks With Monster Lifted Trucks Rescue The National Guard From Flood Waters

redneck truck

Twitter / @michaelkeyes

The self-proclaimed ‘Redneck Army’ descended on the flooding left behind by Hurricane Harvey with their jacked up trucks that are lifted so high they’re practically impervious to damage from the water. Dudes with lifted trucks take a lot of flack from people. They get hit with small penis jokes. Jokes about how it’s a massive waste of money. But the Redneck Army and their trucks saved a lot of people in Houston this week as they were amongst the only vehicles able to navigate the flood waters and rescue people in need.

In this clip, we see a group of guys from Tomball, Texas who has been traveling between Katy and Orange all week rescuing people in need. They’re all connected via the 3P Off-Road group where they typically use their trucks to kick up mud in the woods, but this week they had the chance to rescue those in need. In this instance, it’s the National Guard they’re pulling out of the water:

Here’s the same video on Streamable if you’d rather watch that version:

I’m as guilty as anybody of making small penis jokes about people with trucks lifted so high you need a ladder to get inside. I’d like to make this my formal apology to all you bros out there with lifted trucks. I apologize for all of those small penis jokes/memes every week in the ‘Best Damn Photos’ pic dumps I do each day. Will I keep making those jokes? Obviously. Those aren’t going anywhere. But these jacked up trucks have saved a lot of lives this week in Texas and the entire country owes you respect. (h/t r/videos)