Saudi Prince Mohammed Al Saud’s 230-Foot $79 Million Superyacht Capsized In Greece

Prince Mohammed Al Saud

Getty Image / Oliver Weiken/picture alliance

I’m going to go ahead and act like there’s no other news happening anywhere in the world at all right now and the saddest possible thing that could happen to humanity is a big ol’ boat sinking. Otherwise, if I were to think of this in the context of everything else that’s happening right now it would be downright hilarious that this rich dude’s boat flipped over while everything else was going on.

So looking at this news in a vacuum, I’m devastated. The Saudi Prince Turki bin Mohammed bin Fahd Al Saud lost his $79 million superyachts after it capsized in Greece as it was being lifted out of the water for repairs. The boat had 11 cabins and was able to accommodate 21 guests until it flipped over on the docks.

The Sun describes this as an ‘exceptionally expensive accident’ without naming any numbers but I can’t really imagine a world where this boat’s salvaged in a way that makes it usable again without tens of millions of dollars in repairs. Thankfully for everyone involved, the boat was already at the dock where it would need to go for repairs.

Check it out:

The Sun states that none of the crew were injured and there was no known impact on the local marine life, which I guess means there wasn’t any massive spillage of gas. It happened mid-day this past Sunday while the rest of us were sitting at home not watching the final round of The Players.

The 40-year-old Prince Turki bin Mohammed bin Fahd Al Saud has a net worth of over $1 billion and in addition to this $79 million superyacht he also owns a $320 million private Boeing 777 jet. Not too shabby for a 40-year-old.