Lord Disick Gave His Birthday Bash Guests Diamond Watches And Jewelry As Party Favors

Scott Disick Gave His Birthday Guests Diamond Watches As Party Favors

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  • Scott Disick celebrated his 38th birthday with a party unlike any other.
  • He provided his guests a table filled with diamond watches and jewerly as party favors.
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Just in case you needed a reminder that the rich and famous live on a completely different planet than the rest of us, Scott Disick, who is rich and famous for being rich and famous, celebrated his 38th birthday and gave his guests diamond watches as party favors.

We know this because Disick’s ex-sister-in-law Kim Kardashian, who is so rich that she doesn’t even feel the need to pay her staff (according to a new lawsuit), shared videos of Disick’s gifts to his guests on her Instagram.

In the video, Kardashian films a table filled with what appears to be a bunch of diamond chains and Rolexes from Luxe VVS Jewelers.

“I’ve never heard of this before, party favors like this,” she said. “These are Scott’s party favors, you guys, so anyone can just walk in right here if they’re invited.”

“This is how the Lord does it,” Disick told Kardashian. “I’m sorry everybody else gives out candy; I give out ice, and good ice.”

Singer Sia appeared to enjoy her party favor in a photo she posted to Instagram.

Scott Disick’s 19-year-old girlfriend Amelia Hamlin – the daughter of actors Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin – was also in attendance and scored herself a diamond tennis bracelet from the table.

She returned the favor with a gift of her own for Disick at his “Disick Aviation” themed party: a brand-new Harley Davidson motorcycle.

“New Harley can’t complain,” Disick captioned a video from the soirée. “Thanks @ameliagray.”

Yep. Life is good when you’re the Lord.

Scott Disick Gave Birthday Guests Diamond Watches As Party Favors

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