Internet Discovers Hilariously Vulgar Result When Searching For ‘Medicine Ball’ On Sears Website website has graphic photo of medicine ball.

iStockphoto / FlamingoImages

If you are innocently shopping for a medicine ball this holiday season, and peruse the fine assortment of medicine balls on the Sears website, you are in for a treat. It’s pretty nuts actually.

When you do a search of “medicine balls” on, you are provided with listings of medicine balls that are available to purchase – plus a rather risque listing for “XR Brands Heavy Hitch Ball Stretcher Hook with Weights.”

Sears Medicine Ball Listing on website


Somebody at Sears is going to get fired today.

The listing features an image of a metal device with a clamp that would go around your scrotum and then has two chains that are attached to two 8oz. weights. The listing even has a zoom feature so that you can make sure it is the perfect ball stretcher for you.

The best part is that it’s on sale. It never felt so good to get great deals on Cyber Week!

The listing for the Heavy Hitch Ball Stretcher Hook with Weights boasts that it “fits on almost any size balls.” Is there a size chart? For the more daring individual, you should know that “more weight can be added with the hanging clips.” How is 16oz. not enough?

Sears proudly informs their customers that they can “Shop Marketplace with Confidence,” and also apparently find ball stretchers. “If you’re not satisfied with your experience, Sears will step in and help,” the site states. Not sure how exactly a Sears rep is going to help when you’re not satisfied with the ball stretcher you bought off their website, but you have to appreciate the dedication to customer service.

Amazingly, the listing has been on the site since September 09, 2020, and we are just learning about this gem now.

Your girlfriend is going to be in the restroom for hours, and you’ll ask what she’s doing in there for so long, and she’ll respond, “Ugghhh, oh nothing…just shopping for medicine balls.” And you’ll say to yourself, “Finally, she’s taking my fitness advice seriously.”

Hurry and check out the listing while it is still live, because once a Sears exec finds out they will surely blackball this listing.