Seemingly charitable NYC Craigslist roommate listing takes a bizarre and unexpected turn

This listing for a roommate in New York City begins innocently enough, then it gets creepy. Real creepy. Important to note however that you can stay at this fine establishment free of charge—provided of course, you’re the submissive kind.

Hello Men

Ok ok I know this isn’t for everyone and by no means am I trying to offend anyone either, this is a lifestyle and not for everyone, I understand that.what I offer is plain and simple. I am looking for a submissive guy that just wants to take a break from paying rent and bills, or is trying to save up money for what ever reason. I have a room in a big loft that is empty right now. it has a huge loft bed and a large wardrobe. it is private and only for you. all I ask from you is your generosity and playfulness. I’m going to be coming into your loft room, jumping on your bed and dangling some cat toys in front of your face intermittently while you’re sitting with your laptop trying to type. I have done this before so I am patient and kind, and a lot of fun. I have all the usual suspects – a laser, one of those feather tail things on a stick, and I also bring in my CD player and pump some of my favorite jams while I do this. I don’t know what your favorite jams are and I don’t care. If at any point during these proceedings you try to touch me I will pick up the phone and call 911.

Sometimes I’m also going to come into your room as the sun starts to set with nothing but my bra and underwear and come close to you and slowly whisper instructions in your ear. I will be fully clothed, probably in winter gear since I have no heat, but I’ll be carrying a gigantic bag of my Hanes hi-cuts and the only sports bra I own and I’ll ask you to take these to the laundromat and sort by color. I don’t have a job so bring lots of quarters 😉

So if you are a tourist from another country visiting NYC and want to save money then this will work out for you or just a person who needs a plain old break from respecting yourself and pursuing healthy human interaction then this is also for you and yes this is physical, I imagine you’ll work up quite a sweat chasing that feather. so please feel free to drop me a line, please attach a photo of you sitting on your bed looking like “what the fuck is going on” so I can start to visualize this a bit. have a good day and take care

Sure, this could be fake. This could be someone messing around. But it’s so detailed in its creepiness, so bizarre with its suggestions that I think it’s real.

It’s still up on the Craigslist page, so, anyone feeling feisty tonight?