Seth Rogen Says The Only Way To Make A.I. Useful Is To ‘Shove A Lot Of Weed’ In It

seth rogen in a black jacket

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The use of artificial intelligence has been a massive sticking point in the recent writer’s strike, which led to Seth Rogen weighing in on the topic as only he can.

Speaking to IndieWire at the premiere of his new series Platonic, Rogen said that he finds the idea of A.I. writing television and movies “horrifying” and that the only way such a program could write good TV is if you “shoved a lot of weed in it.”

“I think the prospect of artificial intelligence writing things is horrifying… and the fact that they seem to be digging in on [it] is more horrifying…You’d have to shove a lot of weed in that thing [for it to write good TV],” Rogen said.

“In general, the fact that these studios are able to kind of band together to drive down the wages of their workers is horrible. Thank god for labor unions. I think I’ve been in four unions for around 20 years. I’m always in favor of every strike that you can go on. Studios will never act fairly or equitably without being forced to.”

As for what’s up next for Rogen — who is fresh off of a lead role in a Steven Spielberg film and voicing Donkey Kong in the billion-dollar-grossing Super Mario Bros. Movie — you can see him starring in the AppleTV+ comedy series Platonic alongside his former Neighbors co-star Rose Byrne, Luke Macfarlane, Tre Hale, Andrew Lopez, and Carla Gallo.

Additionally, Rogen is set to star in the GameStop stock film Dumb Money alongside Paul Dano, Sebastian Stan, Pete Davidson, Shailene Woodley, Nick Offerman, Vincent D’Onofrio, Dane DeHaan, America Ferrera, and more later this year. Rogen has also recently signed on to star in Aziz Ansari’s directorial debut Good Fortune with Keanu Reeves.

Rogen has also become a prolific producer in recent years, as he currently serves as a producer on the hit Prime Video series The Boys and Invincible, the various spin-offs within those respective franchises, the upcoming animated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, and the comedy film Joyride.