Lizard Caught Between A Cobra And 2 Lions Manages To Escape Unscathed

two African lions

iStockphoto / Julian Parsons

Visitors to South Africa who take a safari trip all dream of seeing exotic species. The hope is to see lions, elephants, leopards, rhinos, and countless other species.

Part of the value of visiting a South African game reserve is the chances are very high that visitors will see those species on a safari. What cannot be planned for, however, is the species running into each other.

In this video below that was just published by Latest Sightings, there is a three-way showdown between species. A lizard is caught between a deadly cobra snake and two lions that were likely looking for an easy meal.

First, there is a showdown between the cobra and the lions. At this point, it’s unclear that the lizard was even there because the cobra was doing a good job of shielding the lizard as its own.

The cobra soon realizes it doesn’t want any smoke from the lions. A fight against two adult lions wouldn’t end well for either party. So the cobra slithers off and then the lizard is stuck staring face to face with two hungry lions who could easily turn the comparably tiny lizard into a snack or a plaything.

Somehow, the lizard makes it out of the intense situation unscathed and it all happens in just over a minute:

According to Latest Sightings, this encounter took place at the Sabi Sands Private Game Reserve at Chitwa Chitwa Lodge.

The Chitwa Chitwa Lodge is located so far northeast in South Africa that it’s practically in Mozambique. This area is part of/adjacent to the Kruger National Park which is home to the infamous Big 5 Game species of Africa which includes the elephant, rhinoceros, African buffalo, leopard, and lion.

Should you ever want to plan a safari trip, this is a region of South Africa you will want to research.

That region is also where a wild encounter was recently filmed. A massive cannibal crocodile overpowered and ate a smaller croc and it was all caught on camera.

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