A Real-Life Spider-Man Scaled Down A 19-Floor High-Rise Apartment Building In West Philly To Escape A Fire

Spiderman cosplay


The thing about ‘Stop, Drop, and Roll’ that was drilled into our heads back in elementary school is we were all led to believe that this was a tactic we’d be using regularly throughout life. I’ve never had to Stop, Drop, and Roll at any point during my years on earth and to be honest, I don’t know a single person who has.

I think the more useful tactic to drill in our adolescent brains would’ve been ‘haul ass away from fire’ by teaching us to walk, run, or climb our way to safety. This dude who went viral last night escaping a fire in West Philly climbed down 19 FLOORS to safety in an effort to escape the suffocating smoke.

The footage is pretty outlandish. He is a real-life Spider-Man who scales down the 19-floor apartment building with relative ease.

I don’t even want to think about what might’ve happened if his hands started sweating or he grabbed a loose brick at some point especially since it was nighttime and visibility was low.

If I’m one of those bystanders then I’m asking him for autographs when he gets down so I can sell those on the streets of Philly after this guy goes viral.

It seems like everyone on Twitter made the ‘Spider-Man’ connection as there were thousands of GIF + pic responses. My favorite response was this one:

I get the sentiment here, it wouldn’t be great to blind the guy, but they were clearly shining the light on him so that he could see what he was doing since it was nighttime.

Sadly, I’m wondering how many people could even pull this off these days. I’m not naming names but so so SO many people are out of shape. The adrenaline would be pumping but would that be enough for a 30-year-old to be able to climb down if they haven’t exercised in a decade?

I don’t know how I decided to somehow make this about getting healthy but I can’t shake the thought that this person might’ve choked to death on smoke if they weren’t in shape. Makes me want to go for a run right now even though I hit the gym last night.