Stephen A. Explaining His Hairline Situation Can Easily Be Mistaken For Modern Day Poetry

Stephen A Smith Had An Absurd Explanation For Warriors Game 2 Run

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If we’re in the trust tree right now — and since it’s the internet, of course we’re in the trust tree — then I have something to admit: I have, and always have, really enjoyed Stephen A. Smith’s shtick.

While Stephen A. Smith largely gets ridiculed for his overzealous and uh, well, annoyingly loud sports takes, people easily forget that the guy is merely putting on a performance, just like a stand-up comedian would. And just like a stand-up comedian, Stephen A. Smith just makes me fucking laugh.

How could this truly iconic moment not make you laugh?

Anyway, the whole point of this is introduction is to say I find Stephen A. content extremely enjoyable, hence why I’m bringing you this minute-long clip of the First Take co-host explaining the state of his infamously hilarious hairline.

Earlier this week, Stephen A. made his first-ever appearance on the beloved Hot 97 radio show The Breakfast Club, where he was naturally asked about the state of his nationally-known hairline.

In addition to her perpetually receding hairline, Stephen A. also talked to DJ Envy, Angela Yee and Charlamagne tha God about Carmelo Anthony, the future of the Brooklyn Nets, Antonio Brown’s move to the New England Patriots, and his relationship with the players he reports on — which, conveniently enough, spurred on a renewed beef with Detroit Pistons power forward Markieff Morris.

But that’s just what Stephen A. Smith does, folks — he appears on a little radio show and next thing he knows he’s got an NBA player threatening him on Twitter. That’s the life of a rock star, baby: sex, drugs and hot sports takes.


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