‘Stranger Things 4’ May Not Drop Until 2021

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Bad news, Stranger Things fans: the fourth season of the massive Netflix sci-fi hit may not premiere until 2021.

According to a report from TV Line, Stranger Things 4 is set to begin official production in January 2020 and is set to wrap production in August 2020. Given the extensive post-production special effects that go into Stranger Things — especially when considering that the upcoming fourth season will be the series’ biggest yet — it’s very possible that fans don’t make their return to Hawkins until 2021.

Regardless of when Stranger Things 4 comes out, it will be at least a year in-between seasons, as Stranger Things 3 dropped on July 4 this past summer.

In addition to the series’ production schedule, TV Line also reports that Stranger Things 4 will consist of eight episodes, which is on part with Stranger Things and Stranger Things 3, but is one episode less than Stranger Things 2, which consisted of nine.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly for a recent interview, series creators Matt and Ross Duffer teased the upcoming fourth season of Stranger Things, saying that it is going to feel “very different” from season three.

Matt and Ross Duffer previously hinted that Eleven & Co. may be able to take a short cut to Russia from the States, saying that Season 4 will “open up a little bit… in terms of allowing portals into areas outside of Hawkins.”

While not confirming the existence of an express pathway from Hawkins to Russia (and vice-versa), Ross did acknowledge that the new season is “going to feel very different than [Season 3],” adding, “I think that’s the right thing to do and I think it’ll be exciting.” [via TV Line]

Given the far east cliff hanger that fans were left with at the end of season three, Stranger Things 4 is shaping up to be the series’ most highly-anticipated season yet. After all, the sooner we found out what happened to everyone’s favorite chainsmoking small-town police chief, the better.


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