22-Year-Old Instagram Model Wants To Have The ‘Biggest Lips In The World,’ Already Had 15 Procedures To Achieve Her ‘Goal’

22-year-old Instagram Andrea Emilova Ivanova from Bulgaria wants to have the biggest lips in the world and has undergone 15 surgeries in her plastic surgery quest.

iStockphoto / dimid_86

Like many Instagram models, Andrea Emilova Ivanova wants to have large, luscious lips. But Andrea Ivanova not only wants to have big lips, but she wants to have the biggest lips. The 22-year-old student from Sofia, Bulgaria, is willing to risk it all to turn her “dreams” of the fullest lips on the planet into a reality.

Ivanova, who studies German Philology at Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski, has endured 15 procedures to pump up her lips. The student has spent over $2,500 on fillers to blow up her lips. And despite her lips becoming comically large, Ivanova said she wants to go even bigger.


The Instagram model says that doctors inject hyaluronic acid into her face to enlarge her already-engorged lips. According to WebMD, hyaluronic acid is a “substance that is naturally present in the human body” and is “found in the highest concentrations in fluids in the eyes and joints.”


“I like my lips now, more than before and I feel very good and very happy with my new lips, because according to me with bigger lips I look prettier and in Bulgaria this is fashion now,” Ivanova told the New York Post.

Before the lip fillers, Andrea Ivanova was already an attractive woman, but she became obsessed with having gargantuan lips.


“I can’t give any indication of how big is too big, or can lips be too big, because for each person, ‘big,’ ‘bigger’ and ‘too big’ are different concepts,” Ivanova added. “There are people who like me with bigger lips and there are people who like me with smaller lips. But it doesn’t matter to me, because it’s important for me how I like it. Other’s people opinion is irrelevant.”

Ivanova’s lips have swollen to more than three times the size of her natural lips. Andrea wants to have the biggest lips in the world, but she thinks she has “competition.” “Each of us must follow our heart and our goals without being influenced by other’s opinions,” Andrea said.

Ivanova has over 16,000 followers on Instagram, where she posts plenty of photos of her plastic surgery.


Same energy.

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Same energy.


Same energy.

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