Study Finds Smoking Weed Can Cut Your Sperm Count And Make Your Little Swimmers Lazy

When we last talked about your baby gravy we found out that sperm counts have plunged by 60% over 40 years. The bad news for the pearl jam of stoners is at an all-time high because smoking weed not only cuts your sperm count but it also makes your little swimmers lazy.

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According to Canadian scientists, men who smoke higher amounts of marijuana could face fertility problems. The researchers say that smoking marijuana lowers sperm counts by as much as a third, which is odd because you would assume it would make it higher. The study also stated that pot causes sperm to become “mellow,” “lazy,” and “swim in circles.” Dr. Victor Chow, of the University of British Columbia, told Mail Online, “The weight of the ­evidence is that marijuana ­probably has a negative impact not only for sperm counts but sperm function.” The study did not find the exact reason for the lethargic sperm, but maybe it’s because they just took a big toke and it affects the gentleman’s relish in the same way it does to him?

Of course, Bob Marley has at least 11 kids, so there’s that anecdotal evidence on the effects of weed on fertility. So smoking a bowl and claiming that it is “birth control” is probably not the wisest thing to do until more concrete scientific findings are made.