Hidden Details You Might Not Have Noticed In The ‘Succession’ Opening Credits

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While HBO’s critically acclaimed dramedy Succession is obviously famed and beloved for its top-tier writing and acting, its intro song has also had a stranglehold on American pop culture in the years since the show first debuted back in 2018.

Beyond its endless catchy music, though, the opening credits to Succession are packed with tons of hidden details, clues, and Easter Eggs, particularly the fourth and final version that’s being used this season.

First, let’s start with the home video footage. The season 4 intro has only added one new piece of archival footage and it’s this shot of a little boy in a toy red race car, with an ACTUAL red sports car behind them.

Maybe this is to represent that the kids are just a cheap replication of Logan Roy or just a simple nod to Kendall’s infamous troubles behind the wheel of a car.

succession toy car


Then there’s all the ATN news stuff, such as this conspiracy theory-stoking headline that reads “China hack could see 40M Americans entombed in their cars.”

atn news headlne


There’s also what’s being displayed outside their offices in New York City, such as a humorous ticker that reads “Man with bird flu can’t stop thinking about ducks,” and a report that claims “Deep State blunder: Classified documents displayed on NBA Jumbotron.”

atn news


The credits then jump over to California, where we get a look at the water tower at the Waystar Studios lot in Los Angeles, which is perhaps comparing it to Warner Brothers given their famed water tower.

waystar water tower


Speaking of Waystar Studios, their version of Netflix, StarGo, is seen struggling to load, which is a reference to when Roman and Lukas urinated on Roman’s phone during Kendall’s 40th birthday party, as they were discussing how broken the app is.

Furthermore, the movie that the app is struggling to load is Kalispitron, Waystar Studio’s massive Transformers-esque sci-fi movie franchise that’s currently in development on a sequel in the current timeline of the series. If you’ll recall, Roman sent Lukas a screener of the film while they were visiting Europe. He also fired the Waystar Studios head due to production issues with the project.

waystar app


Perhaps most interestingly, though, is the fact that HBO used the archival footage seen in the intro in the teaser for the series finale, which is actually reminiscent of a movie that Breaking Bad pulled.

In the closing moments of its penultimate episode, Breaking Bad used its iconic intro song within the framework of the show itself for the first ever time. Perhaps we’ll see the characters in the series finale of Succession boot up these home movies that have been used in the opening credits all this time.

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