Enjoy This Guinness World Record For The Tallest Building Ever Demolished With Explosives

I love a good demolition video. I could be totally making this up in my head but I feel like they used to show them on the news pretty regularly back when we were kids and the city of Las Vegas was undergoing a massive overhaul in the cityscape and blowing up the old casinos to make way for new ones.

It’s kind of odd to me that Guinness World Records maintains a record for this but I’m glad they do because otherwise I’m not sure we would’ve ever seen this footage. A new Guinness World Record was just set for the World’s Tallest Building Demolished With Explosives.

The 144-floor-high Meena Plaza (541.44-foot-tall) in Abu Dhabi was just taken down using controlled explosives which required 18,000 DRILL HOLES in the building to ensure it fell right. It happens so fast, within just a few seconds, that it’s hard to process how much rubble is created and how many explosives were used to bring down this gargantuan building in the UAE.

I’ve included the video from the Guinness World Records Facebook page along with a YouTube version so you can choose your preferred medium to watch, check it out:


I feel like ‘guy who gets to blow up buildings’ is a job I would’ve loved and I’m a little salty that my H.S. guidance counselor never nudged me in that direction. We used to bribe our Chemistry teacher with all A’s on exams to let us create bombs in class and he’d happily oblige because who doesn’t love mini-explosions under controlled conditions?? Shouldn’t someone have taken the time to be like ‘hey kids, did you know you can do this professionally?’

I guess the better question is if there’s anyone reading this at all who wouldn’t have absolutely thrived in a career of blowing up buildings professionally? I’d be shocked if any of you gentlemen wouldn’t have been equally as well-suited for that life as I would’ve been.