Wild Videos Show Tampa’s Bayshore Blvd Sucked Dry Due To Hurricane Ian Reverse Storm Surge

Water in Tampa Bay began to recede on Wednesday due to a reverse storm surge before the arrival of Hurricane Ian.

Tampa’s famous Bayshore Blvd. was sucked dry due to the phenomenon.

Via Bay News 9

According to the National Hurricane Center, the phenomenon is the opposite if storm surge:

“Storm surge is where strong winds are pushing the water towards the shore. But you can imagine that same force is pushing water away from the shoreline. If the wind is blowing offshore, it blows water away from land.”

Here are some the wild videos of Bayshore Blvd before the arrival of the storm.

Longtime Tampa residents were shocked to see the state of Bayshore Blvd.

The Florida Division of Emergency Management issued a warning stating that people should not walk in the empty bay because The water will return through a storm surge and it will be life-threatening.

Some didn’t heed the warning and still walked into the dry bay.

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