Texas Man Arrested After Wild Video Shows Him Chasing Protesters With A Chainsaw

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A man seen in a viral video wielding a chainsaw and chasing down protesters in Texas on Friday has been arrested by police, according to the McAllen Police Department.

In a wild video posted on Twitter, a man in a long-sleeve red shirt and blue jeans gets out of his pickup truck and starts wielding a chainsaw at protesters on the sidewalk outside a store while yelling obscenities that include the N-word.

The man was quickly identified by the Internet and the police have since detained him.

Via The Monitor

McAllen Police Chief Victor Rodriguez confirmed Friday afternoon that an individual seen shouting and brandishing a chainsaw at protestors downtown had been detained.

“Thus far it’s been the only incident we’ve had at today’s event,” he said. “We’ve identified that person, we’ve detained that person and are continuing our investigation into the particular incident.”

Rodriguez later added that the man is in custody and the department is assessing what charges will be filed.

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