People Shared The Weirdest And Creepiest Stuff At Their Parents’ House They Saw On Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time for unearthing the weirdest, creepiest stuff at your parents' house

iStockphoto / shironosov

Thanksgiving is a time for family, friends, and food. It’s also the time to expose all of the creepy stuff your parents have at their house.

Twitter users returned to their parents’ house on Thanksgiving. There was plenty of turkey and mashed potatoes, but there was also creepy dolls, edible body topping, and a Chipper Jones shrine according to these viral tweets with the hashtag: #WeirdThingsMyParentsOwn.

No, really, this guy’s mom has a shrine that pays homage to Atlanta Braves’ legend Chipper Jones in her basement.

You’re in trouble if you touch these beads.

Your parents are freaky-deeky.

These parents are sending a subtle hint that you can’t move back home.

What’s up with the creepy dolls?

The bizarre possessions just kept getting even more bizarre.

What’s the weirdest thing your parents have at their house?