The Rock Reminds Everyone Why He’s The ‘People’s Champ’, Stops To Greet A Tear-Spewing 10th Grader On The Side Of The Road

The Rock Stops To Greet Crying Teen On The Side Of The Road (VIDEO)

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I’ve arguably been rooting for The Rock longer than any other “celebrity” in my life. Growing up in the late ’90s, I — like so many Millenials my age — absolutely adored the WWE’s Attitude Era, which was headlined by the likes of The Undertaker, Triple H, Mankind, Kane, Triple H, and, of course, The Rock.

Likely due to his otherworldly charisma and on-mic skills, “The People’s Champ” was the wrestler I gravitated toward most. In fact, I was such a fan of The Rock during his original WWE run that I’m *still* annoyed about how Vince McMahon and Stone Cold screwed him out of the title at Wrestlemania 17. Absolute highway robbery, I tell ya!

Needless to say, when The Rock left the ring to pursue a life in Hollywood, eight-year-old me was quite devastated, as I had no idea that I’d still be following the dude’s career over 20 years later. As such, from his days in the WWE to his time atop Hollywood’s A-list to his potential future career in politics, I was, am, and will be rooting for The Rock.

Luckily for me, he certainly makes the job of rooting for him quite easy as — despite his immense fame — The Rock consistently proves that *just gets it*, routinely coming across as a humble and down-to-Earth guy.

Take this latest example that was shared by WorldStar HipHop and then reposted by The Rock himself, which shows the 50-year-old star pulling over on the side of the road to create a tear-spewing teenage fan of his.

The Rock shares a heartwarming video of him greeting a tear-filled teenage fan on the side of the road

“May sound silly but this kinda stuff (meeting and taking care of fans) will always be the best part of fame. Thanks for being awesome, Carol! Make sure you tell all your friends how mean, cold and unkind #BlackAdam really is in person. Great to meet you,” The Rock wrote on Twitter to caption the heartwarming video.

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