Am I Wrong For Wanting Joe Exotic To Be Released From Prison?

joe exotic tiger king jail


I just can’t seem to get the thought of Joe Exotic being released from prison out of my head. Am I wrong for wanting to see that? There is no excuse for his mistreatment of animals that he is both accused of and charged with, but¬†could you imagine the spectacle it would be to watch this guy take on the real world if he got released?

I could honestly see Joe Exotic just banging out a good 50 interviews in his first two days after being released. Not one of those 50 interviews would be the same, that’s the beauty of Joe Exotic.

Would he take another stab at opening up another zoo? Reality shows would be breathing down this guy’s neck to get him to sign a deal with their network. And to be honest, could you really blame them? Along with being just a full-blown crazy person, Exotic just has that “IT” factor where you just can not keep your eyes off the guy because you don’t want to miss what he is going to do or say next.

Carole Baskin still has her freedom and her own zoo (or sanctuary, whatever you want to call it) and I don’t see anybody calling for her to be on the big screen or have her own show. Call me crazy, but I would be all for a flip flop of Baskin and Exotic. The idea of putting Baskin behind bars and letting Exotic run free and simply entertain us through this quarantine doesn’t sound too bad. Perhaps we would be so entertained that the quarantine would just blow right by. In the meantime, I think it’s time to cut myself off on this fifth cup of coffee and get back to reality.

Just know we’re thinking about you, Joe.

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