Tinder Debuts ‘Spring Break Mode’ That Lets You Lineup Hookups In Advance

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Spring Break SZN is nearly upon us whether or not you’ve been working on that beach body for the past six months. If you’re planning on heading to the beach or hitting the slopes (or anywhere else), you’ll be able to plan your hookups in advance this year.

The Spring Break calendar typically runs from early-to-mid March and through mid-to-late April from some West Coast schools on the trimester calendar, and this year Tinder‘s trying to get ahead of the action by releasing ‘Spring Break Mode’.

Spring Break Mode is part of the Tinder U division and it’s a way for you to pre-game your Spring Break destination by plugging in your SB location ahead of time and being able to swipe and match with people in advance. Tinder announced this new feature on its website this week and it looks to be a Spring Break gamechanger:

Enter: Spring Break mode. Tbh, we’ve been in Spring Break mode for months — and thanks to Tinder U, you can join us in the ultimate pre-game where you can match with others headed to the same vacation destination as you. And don’t worry, we’re not here to sell you a villa on the beach or unload a surplus of cheese sandwiches — we’re just here to help you find fellow Spring Breakers while your decision-making skills are still in topnotch form.

Here’s How it Works:
Get on Tinder and look for the Spring Break card. From there, you can add your Spring Break destination to see who’s going where. We’ll show you the location your potential matches are headed right on their profiles, so you can match and chat before you pack your bags and go.

Even if you’re not going anywhere for Spring Break this year you’ll be able to set your destination to ‘STAYCATION’ and be able to match with others who will be staying in your hometown as well.

This new feature will hit Tinder in an update coming on March 4th, 2019. So be sure to update your app when you see that notification in the App Store on Monday. Spring Break mode will be live from March 4th through March 31st.

It’s unclear if *every* Spring Break 2019 location will be included but according to The Verge, these cities are confirmed: Cabo san Lucas, Las Vegas, Miami, New Orleans, Puerto Vallarta, San Diego, Puerto Rico and Lake Havasu, Arizona.

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