You Could Go On 10-Day International Trip To Drink Whiskey As An Interview For Dream Job

What is your typical job interview like? Wearing your fanciest clothing that you never wear and trying not to get cream cheese from your bagel on your suit. Actually styling your hair for once. The unrelenting stress that causes taint sweats because you need to ace this job interview since your rent is two months late. Blatantly lying in the face of your future boss because they ask you a trick question. None of this sounds fun whatsoever. But what if your interview entailed traveling around the world and getting drunk? There is such a job interview and you have a chance to get it.

You could win “The Greatest Job Interview in the World” where you galavant around the world on a 10-day adventure in a prospect to win a dream job as a brand ambassador for a whiskey company. Grant’s Whisky, a Scotland-based whiskey brand, is looking for three candidates to send on an all-expense-paid trip around the globe to drink. The job interview will send the finalists to places like Taiwan, South Africa, Poland, Colombia, and India with a suitcase of the whiskey. The individual who does the best job promoting Grant’s Whisky on the globetrotting journey will be hired for a brand ambassador position with the company starting in 2018.

Instead of a traditional resume, entrants are asked to supply an original drink recipe using Grant’s whiskey and two ingredients that capture your personality. Those applying submit their boozy creations on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #GrantsInterview. Each applicant is limited to only three entries. The official terms and conditions state that applicants have to be at least 25-years-old, speak English fluently, and must be eligible to work in the U.S., the European Union, Mexico, Colombia, Russia, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, Australia, India, South Africa, or China. The deadline is August 30 at midnight (UK time). You can apply for the job HERE.