The Internet Is Losing Its Mind Watching This Person Try To Park At A Gas Station

The Internet Is Losing It Watching Woman Try To Park At A Gas Station


In these trying times there are still always little things that will give us some modicum of joy. A smile from our child. A beautiful sunrise in the morning. Laughing at clueless people who are not us. You know, the little things.

For example, take this woman at a gas station who struggles and struggles, and then struggles some more trying to figure out how to get the side of her vehicle that has the gas tank to line up with the side of her vehicle where the gas pump is located.

Oh sure, we’ve all been there. Pull in to the station only to realize the gas tank is on the opposite side of the pump.

Hey, it happens.

The difference here is, what we do once we realize the error of our ways – manuever our car so that the side with the gas tank is actually lined up with the gas pump, versus what this person does – drive around and around in circles, parking multiple times next to the pump with the EXACT SAME side of the vehicle facing the wrong way – is where the magical comic relief happens.

Of course, this being 2020, naturally there was someone on hand to capture it all on video.

We join the action already in progress below…

Can you feel it? Your blood pressure rising as you grow more and more frustrated while being entertained at the same time? Well, hang on, there’s more.

Are you like me and were watching and wondering why when she backed up she didn’t just turn the wheel to the left and pull forward to that pump? Because, really, why wouldn’t she have done that rather than, you know, what she actually did?

Because despite our mocking nature, we eventually all come around to rooting for the underdog.

Oh ye of little faith.

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