Creepy Sharks With Extendable Jaws Like Snakes Found And I’m Never Going In The Ocean Again

by 3 months ago
sea monster

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The ocean is so vast my feeble little mind cannot even begin to comprehend how much is out there. I’ve always been fascinated by the monstrous creatures which occasionally get coughed up by the Gates of Hell and wash up on a beach. This fascination of mine is probably due to the fact that I grew up on Siesta Key, an island here in Florida where we regularly get Red Tide, a bacteria bloom which kills all the fish in the area and they wash up on the shore. We’d go to the beach as kids and see creatures that were straight up sea monsters washed up on shore.

These latest creatures? They’re equal parts horrifying and fascinating. These creepy jet black sharks are exceedingly rare. They also have extendable jaws like snakes. The species in question is the Viper Dogfish, and they were caught off the coast of Taiwan by a crew surveying fish species populations in the area.

Feast your eyes on these monsters:

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