You Can Get The Holy Grail Of Steak Sandwiches In NYC But It’ll Cost You $85

I don’t want to lump patty melts and steak sandwiches together but I’ll open this up by using them as examples of two incredibly delicious food dishes that are often ignored by top chefs. Burger and steaks get all of the attention while patty melts and steak sandwiches are brushed to the side, and this is a shame.

The Wagyu Sando is considered Japan’s ‘Holy Grail of Steak Sandwiches’, and it’s made using Japan’s A5 Miyazaki wagyu beef, some of the finest beef produced anywhere in the world. You don’t have to travel all the way to Japan to eat this Holy Grail of steak sandwiches but you’ll have to be ready to shell out $$$ because this decadent sandwich sells for $85 at SakaMai in NYC’s Lower East Side:

I lived in NYC for 9 years (Manhattan, specifically) and after moving back to Florida the thing I miss the most is the absolute overabundance of incredible restaurants on every street. For my last four years in the City, I was in SoHo and I’d legitimately walk past 4 Michelin-rated restaurants on my way to work every morning. I miss that.

Don’t get me wrong, Sarasota, Florida has some incredible restaurants. But they’re spread out. And I can’t walk there because it’s Florida and the humidity is 100% year round. New York, San Francisco, Chicago, D.C., Miami Beach, Philly, Portland, NOLA…these cities are all incredible because you can just step out your front door and there’s a world-class restaurant so close you should shoot a bottle rocket there if you needed to. Anyway, I’m ranting about the grass being greener at the moment and that’s pointless. Also, I’ll be up in NYC in a few weeks and plan on spending a small fortune to eat at all of my old spots.

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