First Reactions To ‘WandaVision’: This Decades-Spanning Acid Trip Is A Thrilling Addition To The MCU



After a year-and-a-half wait, fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are finally on the verge of returning to the most successful Hollywood franchise of all-time, as WandaVision — the first-ever MCU series on Disney+ — is set to debut on Friday, January 15 when the first two (!) episodes drop.

Over the weekend, the first reactions from critics began to roll out on the internet, all seeming to indicate that not only is the mind-bending, decades-spanning acid-trip sitcom a thrilling way to kick off the MCU era on Disney+, but it’s a worthy addition to the franchise as a whole.


WandaVision — the first project in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since 2019’s Spider-Man: Far From Home and the first in the franchise’s “Phase 4” — will be the pioneering MCU series on Disney+ when it debuts on Friday, January 15. As Disney confirmed during their massive Investors Day event back in December, WandaVision will begin a narrative arc that’s followed through Spider-Man 3 and Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness. 

This is just the start of the MCU’s run on Disney+ this year, as The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (which was initially going to be the first MCU/Disney+ series to release) will drop in March, with season one of Loki (a second season is already in the works) releasing in May. If all goes to plan, additional MCU series could drop later this year, such as Hawkeye and Ms. Marvel, both of which are currently in production.


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