Philly Weather Woman Starts St. Patrick’s Day Morning With Instantly Legendary Blooper

weather woman blooper she means beer

ABC6 Philly

Karen Rogers of Philadelphia’s ABC6 woke up and chose ‘going viral’ for St. Patrick’s Day.

During an early morning segment, she dropped a blooper that immediately went viral and will now live in infamy on the Internet for years to come.

Prior to this clip, the morning news crew had been talking about the popular term for drinking two beers at once with one in each hand. You know what I’m talking about. And if you don’t remember it, the clip below will jog your memory.

Karen dropped the all-time one-liner and kicked it over to fellow morning anchor Jessica Boyington who immediately proclaimed “she means beer, don’t put me on YouTube.”

I think we have to give Karen Rogers the benefit of the doubt here that she doesn’t know the other meaning of that phrase. That is the only reasonable explanation here.

It was immediately evident that her fellow anchor Jessica Boyington knew there was a double meaning to the phrase. It’s why she turned to beat red and immediately proclaimed “SHE MEANS BEER” and asked that the video didn’t go on YouTube.

Some replies on Twitter are worth sharing:

There is some nuance in grammar here:

Phill remains one of the best cities in America. This sort of weather woman blooper wouldn’t have happened on the West Coast. Just sayin’.